Carl Thibault Fire Trucks in Brantford, ON

Carl Thibault Emergency Vehicles is the continuity of the oldest family-owned company of fire trucks in Canada. With many years of experience it makes them one of the most knowledgeable companies in this field and we are extremely proud to work with these fire trucks.

Since the motorized vehicle arrived on the market, Carl Thibault has
pioneered many technical developments such as the hydraulic transfer nozzle, the articulated aerial platform, the aerial ladder with more than four sections, special rapid intervention vehicles
for airports, a full range of centrifugal pumps, the construction of the Pope-mobile, and a multitude of body supports and accessory designs for fire departments.

As Carl Thibault thrives through many years of hard work and a fifth generation of family management, the technical team is continuously making improvements, and adapting new technologies.